Gamora- Marvel Legends: Guardians of the Galaxy Review

Short Review


The good:
She is incredibly detailed and has nice paint.

The bad:
Everything else. Where do I start. Her hip joints barely spread out to the side. She can sit down perfectly but wide legged stances are almost impossible. Her feet are tiny and she can barely stand up for more than 2 seconds without falling. Her abdominal articulation can do nothing besides rotate 360. No ab crunch. Her face sculpt looks like a wax person. I know the toy and is technically a plastic person but her face just looks dead. The worst thing, the worst thing of all to me is the hilt on her sword is a complete joke. Her right hand can’t hold it at all and the left one just barely holds it. If you get her to hold it, take a pic to prove it or whip out some glue because it’s not going to stay there long.


I’m new to collecting Marvel Legends figures. This was my second female character. The previous one being Winter Soldier Black Widow. I don’t know if they are the norm but I’m kind of disappointed. The 2 male figures I’ve collected are hands down amazing!

My final thoughts are, if you just need to have a female figure because she’s a female or she completes the set, buy it. Other than that, Gamora is really boring to me.

Oh, she comes with Groot’s left leg



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