Mandroid – Marvel Legends: Captain America: Winter Soldier


So, you just shelled out $90-120+ on Captain America figures(two of which you didn’t give two craps about…sigh) to make a perfect Build a Figure. Was it worth it? Let me tell you my thoughts.

I don’t know why but snapping things together is always fun to me. That was an instant fulfilling feeling. Once you get that big, chunky, opposing looking figure together, you won’t feel so bad about the extra bucks you spent considering you basically got a somewhat free bigger figure.

He has a lot of molded in details. His range of motion is great in his abdomen and lower body which is really fun to me.


The only let down for me can be overlooked. His forearms are so huge that they don’t do a 90 degree bend. Also, his helmet is so flat and sunken into his shoulders that moving it takes a lot of work. You will need something flat to lift his head off the socket if you don’t have fingernails. One more problem that we all won’t have is the yellow visor on mine has poor paint quality. I only saw to you Marvel now captain america: figures on the shelf. I had to choose poor eye quality on the Captain America figure with a good Mandroid visor paint or good quality Captain America and bad Mandroid. 3 more noteworthy things you may be interested in car, he has no upper bicep swivel, she has wrist swivel and the shoulder mounted canon is molded to not rotate. You have to pull the cannon out some for it to rotate.



All in all, it stays together well and I like it. You would never even know it was a build a figure.



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