Masterpiece Lambor (Sideswipe) Review


Let me just say this right away. I’m a lil disappointed.

Of all the Masterpiece Transformers I own, this one is the most Blah of them. He’s just what he is.


The vehicle mode is very basic. My main gripe is the panel lines on the side. Other than that it has a ton of real life Lamborghini details. I love the weapon port on top.


The robot mode is good. It highly toon accurate and what makes it a masterpiece but it has only basic articulation. Gripes, the head seams small and I can barely see his eyes. The most painful decision they made though is his crotch plate. I hate hate when they give a figure a crotch skirt the looks good until you raise his hips too far up.


This is how high you can kick the legs before things get weird.


Kick all the way up and and…..

At the end of the day, this it’s a cool figure that I’m happy to own but it was not worth $80. It could have really benefited from having diecast but oh well.

TMan out!……
Bonus pic


Matt Booker says this is his robo winkie and balls. Smh. Lol.


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