Go-Bots vs Transformers Thoughts


This is a pic of the Good Go-Bot “Scooter”

One thing I hated about the Transformers toys was that they weren’t faithful to what I was seeing in the cartoon. The Marvel artist heavily stylized them to look more Man in Suit humanoid and way better than the toys.

Go-Bots, on the other hand, were extremely faithful to the toys. In fact they went out of their way on the cartoon to make sure you could still see their heads. Like even going as far as giving scooter a visible face in his scooter mode that wasn’t on the toy. This one factor that’s a major difference and the two shows. When the Transformers transformed into their alternate modes, I always felt like they became whatever they transformed into. Whereas the Gobots always felt like robots pretending to be other things. It made them feel way more generic.

I was going to end things here but let’s go into some other stuff.

Another Advantage the Transformers had was there a uniformity. The Autobots were cars led by big truck. Easy to recognize who the good guys were. The Decepticons where military vehicles and spy tools led by a robot that became something that had literally no other use besides destruction and death. A handgun. Both factions also had branding.

Meanwhile, the Go-Bots were all over the place. The main good guys were a sports car and a scooter, led by a fighter jet. Meanwhile the bad guys was a sports car and a helicopter, led by a motorcycle. When I got new Go-Bots toys, I had no idea who was good or bad until I saw them on the show. Not just because their alternate modes are all over the place but there was also no type of faction branding.

Next there’s the lure. I watched both shows heavily and I know all the ins and outs of the Transformers lives but I can’t for the life of me remember what were the motives of the Go-Bots.

I liked the both but Transformers always won out for me. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.


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