The Biggest Transformers Figure there is, Titan Class Fortress Maximus

Three years ago, Hasbro released what would go on to be known as the biggest Transformer of all time, Transformers Generations Titan Class Metroplex. This year, they topped themselves and release an even taller action figure, Transformers Generations Titan Returns Titan Class Fortress Maximus!!

Below you can see my extensive review of Fortress Maximus and his Component figures, Titan Master “Emissary” and Super Titan Master “Cerebros”. Together they form the biggest Autobot ally the universe has ever known.

Stop wasting time. Click below to see what I’m blabbing about. If you want even more detail, click my companion video below the CHILL REVIEW for the ultimate experience.

Here’s the Unboxing and Preparation companion video

Thanks for visiting. TMan978, outta here!

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