Rumble. He’s Red. Transformers: Titans Return Decepticon Rumble CHILL REVIEW 

Say what you wanna say but I just read what the packaging says. Either way, check out this quick silly “CHILL REVIEW”


Fans Toys Quakewave, Masterpiece style Shockwave CHILL REVIEW 

I’m finally blessed to get the chance to review Fans Toys Quakewave. I’ve been seeing this figure in my face for 4 years never once touching it. 

This particular figure is covered in Reprolabels and has the rotating forearm for his hose. 

Bad Cube Wardog aka Masterpiece Warpath CHILL REVIEW 

If you love The Transformers Masterpiece toy line, it seems like certain characters will never be released. Luckily we have companies like Bad Cube to pick up where Takara Tomy and Hasbro are lagging. 

Wardog is Bad Cube’s version of what they think a Transformers Masterpiece Warpath should be and here’s my overview/Opinion of it. Enjoy. 

Spider-Man Marvel Legends Series: 6″ Miles Morales Ultimate Spider-Man CHILL REVIEW 

Meet my one purchase fron the 2016 Baltimore Comic-Con.

The Dork Side Toys booth was selling this for $20 and the was no way I was leaving without it. These are barely in stores yet. 

Hear my thoughts on Miles Spider-Man and see what it can do by clicking the link below 

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Baltimore Comic-Con 2016 Dealer Room: TMan’s TOY HUNT #36

What’s better than a toy hunt? A toy hunt at the Baltimore Comic-Con! There’s pretty much no silly I didn’t see superhero related and Beyond. So if you want a taste of what it’s like to actually being a Comic-Con dealer room, click my video below. 

When you decide to go on your own toy hunt at a Con, make sure you bring a lot of money.