The Brainstorm Challenge has come to an end

Woo-hoo Baby!

I found em! I found Transformers Generations Titans Return Deluxe Class Brainstorm! Watch my final chapter of the TMan’s TOY HUNT: Hunt for Brainstorm Saga!

Click click CLICK !!



Good, bad, this Voyager Class Autobot is packing major heat!

10 years ago Hasbro made a Major impact with Transformers fans by releasing a few characters with designs close to their originals and it really took off and a huge way. This line was called Transformers: Classics. It was so successful that the line is still going on today as Transformers: Generations

Click the video below to see how I feel about one of those figures that goes by the name of Jetfire.

Brainstorm Hunt Renewed!: TMan’s TOY HUNT #44

I travel to Walgreens, Target, Family Dollar and GameStop

Did you hear? Transformers Titans Return Walgreen Exclusive Brainstorm has finally been spotted in California. That means at any moment it could be at your local Walgreens.

I don’t want to miss so there’s a lot of people counting on me finding it. Check out my adventure below.

Here’s some Halloween goodness.