Bio: Okay, Okay. I have to admit it. I'm a geek. I love nerdy things from toys, video games and just gadgets in general. I'm also what dad so these interest luckily come in handy for me right now.

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3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Tman my name is jarahn Williams you might remember some of my post on your latest videos and I’m just like you I’m a nerd I love collecting toys and video games they’re both hobbies I’m 14 about to be fifteen this December and I live in milwaukee wisconsin I don’t have many marvel legend’s maybe like 4 or 5 but hey I work with what I got. Your fan Jarahn p.s you are a good man.

    1. Thanks for writing me Jarahn! I remember seeing you in my live stream last night. I really appreciate your kind words and I appreciate that you enjoy my videos. Don’t worry about having a small collection. You’ll be able to work soon and then you’ll be able to get all the toys you want. Just don’t do anything crazy like have a kid before you have a good job. Lol. Anyway, thank you again for writing.

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