Bandai 66 Action Dash VILE Mega Man vol. 2 CHILL REVIEW

I found this guy at Barnes and Noble. With some clever deductive skills, I was able to determine which box contained Vile….Okay..I peeked. Please enjoy.



TMan978 Builds a Gundam Universal UNIT 2 Blind Box Figure

So I bought a Bandai Universal Unit 2 Gundam X Blind box. This one is the GX-9900 or Gundam X unit B. What I didn’t know is I would have to build it. It was fun. Come watch!

Black Mamba LS-04 Star Adjutant Oversized SS Starscream CHILL REVIEW

This figure is a review sample sent to me directly from the Toy company Black Mamba. it is an upscaled version of Hasbro/TAKARA TOMY Voyager Class Transformers: Studio Series Starscream based upon his first appearance in the first Transformers film directed by Michael Bay. it has a new paint job, way more accessories and some new engineering not found in the original figure. Please enjoy the video and tell me what you think how about it.

Transformers Masterpiece MP-34S Shadow Panther Beast Wars CHILL REVIEW

Being generous, Extrazero donates Transformers Masterpiece Beast Wars Predacon Shadows Panther to TMan978 to celebrate reaching 8000 subscribers on YouTube.

Were Extrazero’s efforts in vain or will TMan978 actually find this figure to be amazing. Find out this and more by Clicking the F____ng video Baby!