Wal-Mart Transformers Mini-Bots Bumblebee, Tailgate, Swerve & Outback CHILL REVIEW

Let’s take a look at these Walmart Exclusive Transformers Generation 1 reissue Autobots Mini-bots soldiers.


Transformers Masterpiece MP-33 Inferno CHILL REVIEW

Yet another G1 Autobot gets a new lease on life as a completely revamped Masterpiece action figure. How do do I feel about him though? Stay tuned.
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Transformers SIEGE MICROMASTER Storm Cloud & Visper Air Strike Patrol CHILL REVIEW

This Hasbro & TAKARA TOMY Transformers Generations Siege War For Cybertron Trilogy Micromaster Decepticon Duo is More, Much More Than Meets The Eye!
They transform from robots to jets and then combine to form the Circuitstream Spyblade!
Will this deadly weapon be the end out the AUTOBOTS?! Stay tuned to TMan978 CHILL REVIEW!