NewAge H2 Manero 3rd Party Legends Jazz CHILL REVIEW

You know what it is. This is pretty much a small Masterpiece version of Generation 1 Transformers Jazz.


Power Rangers Lightning Collection Mighty Morphin White Ranger CHILL REVIEW

It’s Tommy, the White Ranger! Pilot of the White Tiger Megazord. He’s part of wave 1 of Hasbro’s Saban Power Rangers Lightning Collection series.

Marvel Legends X-Men Caliban Wave Video Reviews by Life With Brock

I haven’t been lucky enough to get these guys early myself but my friend Brock of Life With Brock has.

He purchased four of that waves figures so far and has done an extensive comparison reviews with the Toybiz original figures.

Let’s let’s start you off with Beast.

Next up is Gambit.

And finally, Jubilee and Skullbuster.