Amazing Yamaguchi Revoltech Gambit X-Men CHILL REVIEW

This is my first amazing Yamaguchi X-Men purchase. Gallery below the video


X-Men Egg Attack Action Wolverine & Cyclops PX Previews Exclusive Figures

Beast Kingdom stopped by my business email to bring me some cool items to show off to you lovely people. The two figures are a couple of their Egg Attack action figures, Marvel Comics X-Men’s Wolverine and Cyclops.

I haven’t collected any of these figures personally and I haven’t seen all of them but the first thing to grab my eye was the fact that they have actual fabric goods uniforms which look amazing to me.

Take a look at them for yourself and tell me what you think. Although I’m not sponsored by this store, I’m going to put a link to where you can find these figures to preorder for yourself if you like them.

First up is Wolverine who comes into options. The normal release and a special edition that comes with some extra display pieces and face options

Now here’s the special edition extras.

As popular as Wolverine is, to be 100% honest with you, I really like this Cyclops a lot more. Both of them look really cool but something grabs me with this Cyclops.

I like them. Tell me what you think.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering these figures, here are a couple of links.

TMan MOMENT: Recap Marvel Legends Lizard Wave

I’m done with all the CHILL REVIEWS, here are my final thoughts.

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Reflector not included

Welcome to a CHILL REVIEW I’m glad I didn’t have to wait an eternity to give to you. Masterpiece MEGATRON 2.0. 

After that first abomination they gave us though, it felt like an eternity. 

Click the link below to see a very in-depth video overview with my overall opinions on the thing.