Capcom’s Mega Man has been produced in physical form buy company Sentinel. Are their efforts worth your time?
Check out my gallery of images below.



Can magic defeat magic?

I have a Huge collection of cool action figures. When you don’t have an appropriate bad guy, sometimes lines have to cross over. 

In this case it’s Figma The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds’ Link vs Marvel Legends Series Juggernaut. 

Thanks for clicking! CHILL REVIEWS for both figures incoming soon. 

Underappreciated: Transformers Generations Chromia 

So I opened and reviewed Transformers: Generations Deluxe Class Chromia….and pretty much did nothing else with her. Was it her tremendous backpack kibble?

Or the fact that she was released alongside these beauties?

I don’t know. What I do know is now that I’m looking at her again, I barely notice the back kibblend and she is really fun!

Let’s bring Arcee and Windblade back in here.

(The bazooka belongs to Transformers: Robots in Disguise Fracture but he can share.)

And without her “Friends”

Another backpack shot (Your transformation may be different)

And finally, vehicle mode.

Weapon time.

I hope you enjoyed my lil gallery.  I have some bonus pics below.

Because I’m nice, here’s my underappreciated CHILL REVIEW for Generations Chromia

Photo Shoot for Transformers Robots in Disguise X-Brawn, Super Charged Mode 

Because just doing a video review wasn’t good enough. If you enjoy these photos and want to see how this guy works, I’m going to post my CHILL REVIEW him at the bottom. 

More than just kibble! 

As promised, below is my CHILL REVIEW for  X-Brawn. Find out how he works and my thoughts on him.