Bad Cube Steamroll (Sidewipe) and Recon (Red Alert) Official Pics TMan978 Transformers News

3rd Party Transformers Company Bad Cube has released Official pictures of their new figures Steamroll and Recon who are unofficial versions of Transformers Masterpiece Sideswipe and Red Alert respectively. I’m excited are you?

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DC Comics Toy CHILL REVIEW Playlist

A lot of you know I love Transformers and Marvel. Did you know I’ve done several DC related CHILL REVIEWS? If not, catch up with my Playlist below.

I have several Playlist associated with my channel. why not poke around and see you you might like.

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Live Collector’s Spotlight #6 Featuring TMan978

Saturday night, I got to virtually sit down with Life with Brock’s Brock Rivers on his on going series, “Collector’s Spotlight”. I had the privilege of being one the first YouTube exclusive live filming of the show.

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