Prowl-ing Action Figures: TMan’s TOY HUNT #159

My favorite 2 lines to hunt for are Marvel Legends and Transformers. Expect that in these hunts.


TMan’s TOY HUNT #150!: 10,000 Subs, I Bought a Funko Pop, Toys and Meet Up Shenanigans

Come join me on my 150th TMan’s Toy Hunt which also happens to be during my 10,000 subscribers achievement. I go to a few stores and I go to the DMV meet up which typically has a bunch of Transformers fans and other high end collectibles. Come join me and find out what Funko Pop I bought.

X-Men Egg Attack Action Wolverine & Cyclops PX Previews Exclusive Figures

Beast Kingdom stopped by my business email to bring me some cool items to show off to you lovely people. The two figures are a couple of their Egg Attack action figures, Marvel Comics X-Men’s Wolverine and Cyclops.

I haven’t collected any of these figures personally and I haven’t seen all of them but the first thing to grab my eye was the fact that they have actual fabric goods uniforms which look amazing to me.

Take a look at them for yourself and tell me what you think. Although I’m not sponsored by this store, I’m going to put a link to where you can find these figures to preorder for yourself if you like them.

First up is Wolverine who comes into options. The normal release and a special edition that comes with some extra display pieces and face options

Now here’s the special edition extras.

As popular as Wolverine is, to be 100% honest with you, I really like this Cyclops a lot more. Both of them look really cool but something grabs me with this Cyclops.

I like them. Tell me what you think.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering these figures, here are a couple of links.